Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Name is Bond, James Bond

Dear readers

It has come to my attention that some of my students think that I am a spy. I am not sure whether to be flattered, puzzled or mortified.

So, my research assistant R-- told me that some students were discussing whether to take my class this June. I am teaching Leadership this June again. The class has gone well this semester, although I did have a bit of a disagreement with one student. Nonetheless, we worked through it, and we are all good friends again. Anywho, the students were discussing my class, and allegedly said that it was fun and interesting, and that I make them work hard. However, one student allegedly said that she thinks I am a spy. She thought that I make them do to much research, and the research is in support of my work for the federal government. My research assistant R-- warned me to "be careful about research."

Umm, note to students. I am a professor. Professors profess. Professors do research. It is what we do. That is our actual job description.

So, moving on. Another one of my friends, Andrew Cohen Sampson, (a fellow LBJ alum) called me very flatteringly "The James Bond of Academia."

Rigia. You truly amaze me!! You're like the James Bond of academia --always traveling where the action is and fighting for peace, justice and good.

Again, I love the imagery. Very bad ass. It does suggest however, that I am in the employ of Her Majesty's Secret Service. Also, we have a gender problem here. James Bond is a man, and I am a woman. Hmmm. What to do, what to do.

My good friend Svetlana Negrustueva, (another fellow LBJ alum) and I had a running joke that she and I were Bond Girls. Of course, Svetlana really fits the bill. She is Russian, and she is beautiful. She looks a bit like this. This is Bond Girl Professor Inga Bergstorm, who starred in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

I am not Russian. I also have had three children, so am not at my all time most glamorous. However, I would be really psyched if I could look like Hally Berry in Die Another Day (2002). I could do it if I run enough. Come to think of it, I am going to make this a personal goal.

Another problem with being a Bond Girl, though, is that the men do all the cool stuff. The women, aka the Bond Girls, are mainly there as eye candy, and to make love to the super cool, super handsome James Bond, like Holly Goodhead (no pun intended?) in Moonraker (1979).

I am a 20th Century Fox, myself, however. And I want to be out there changing the world, not just playing golf in Sean Connery's big shirt like Sylvia Trench in Dr. No (1962) and From Russia with Love (1963).

 I do not want to just be window dressing to some hot man. [That being said, my man is really hot and handsome, almost as cute as Sean Connery, thanks for being my guy, honey.]

Nonetheless, as Hilary Clinton has pointed out, "Sisters are doing it for themselves."  I guess I could join the CIA. That probably would not be so bad, now that Leon Panetta is running it. He is a pretty cool guy. maybe I should consider it. I would certainly make more money than I do now. Food for thought . . . .

But, right now, I am just a Professor, or that is what you think. Think about Professor Inga Bergstrom . . . . I guess you guys do not really know just who I work for?


  1. Great post. I'm glad my comment was somewhat inspiring if not poorly descriptive with respect to gender roles. Maybe a more descriptive analogy of you would be a female equivalent to James Bond/Indiana Jones (he was a professor right?) with extensive international travel experience, fighting for common good, and a propensity to always be in the right place at the right time. How about a real life "more conservatively dressed" Laura Croft from Tomb Raider? Glad to see you are having fun and I hope those students understand how fortunate they are to be taking your courses.

    Stay well and be safe!

    Give your husband, Mr. Connery my regards.


  2. Dear Andy,

    thanks for posting! What did you think of the bond girl references? Anyway, please spread the word about my blog, and give my regards to Mrs. Shaft!

    Yours secretively, Jamina Bond

  3. That's really hilarious! but come on, you can't blame the students...with all this extensive knowledge of James Bond and his movies, one could wonder :) But in your defense, you can always refer to the famous quote of Q to Bond: "Need I remind you, 007, that you have a license to kill, not to break the traffic laws." and you never break the traffic laws in Cairo like we all do so I guess we're the real Bonds after all !

  4. Hi Salma, you are right, I really do know too much about James Bond. I am terrified of Cairo traffic, and the only way I will get into a car is if someone else is driving, so I am safe there.