Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Ten Reasons My American Friends Should Come Visit Me in Egypt

1. Pyramids and Sphinx!
2. Siwa Oasis, White Desert, Alexandria
3. "Koshari, Fatta, Foul; Ta'amiya"
4. Lemonade, fresh squeezed!
5. I have a huge apartment with a dedicated guest room, wifi, a delonghi espresso maker, a housekeeper, etc., luxurious life!
6. You will get mad cool points with your friends!
7. It is not every day you get to see a revolution in progress!
8. Don't worry, the soldiers will protect us!
9. If the soldiers don't protect us, the civil defense forces will, and we will have a revolutionary party in my large apartment!
10. Use your strong strong dollars to support the Egyptian People, and the Egyptian Economy!


  1. I would change reason #3 to "Koshari, Fatta, Foul & Ta'amiya" as these are authentic Egyptian dishes whilst Shawerma is actually Syrian, still made good in Egypt and tastes delicious :)

  2. @Mustafa. Done. Now I have to eat all these things.

  3. I think they could also visit luxor and aswan with Siwa Oasis, White Desert, Alexandria :D

  4. Are you sure Mostafa that Shawerma is Syrian? i always thought it is Turkish !!!!!!!

  5. Egypt is a beautiful country. They can spend time in museums , temples, deserts, or on the beach... We have everything and we are quiet unique !!! People all over the world should support Egyptians as we are calling for Democracy and leading such an ancient country into a new phase.

  6. @Sara, Egypt is definitely beautiful.