Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Other Good Analyses re Maspero

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I went to graduate school at Harvard with Anthony Shenoda.We were Graduate Research Associates at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.  He argues that Copts are largely invisible in Egyptian society until they are attacked. Here is a link to his recent work on Maspero in Jadaaliya, which is a good magazine, by the way.

Reflections on the (In)Visibility of Copts in Egypt. 

Yasmin Salem says the Copts face institutionalized racism in Egypt.

A Case of Institutionalized Racism?

If you read Arabic, here are Maspero testimonies.

Testimonies of Eyewitnesses in Maspero incidents.

My colleague Mr. Hussein talks on his blog Sibilant Egypt about the problems with press coverage that have emerged in the wake of the Maspero incident.

Will Maspiro ever be cleansed?


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