Monday, May 28, 2012

Feloul or Islamist? Your choice

Dear readers

The first free and fair elections for President in Egypt's history are underway. Mohammed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate is in a runoff with Ahmed Shafiq, a Mubarak appointed prime minister.

This leaves Egyptians with a stark choice. Morsy is arguably a revolutionary, but his strong, conservative religious views may make women, Christians, and secular people nervous. By contrast, Shafiq is definitely secular, and very experienced, but he is the preferred candidate of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, and he is a Mubarak man. I believe that we are trapped between Scylla and Charybdis as was Homer, in the Odyssey.

Here is the take of the Voice of America.

The Egyptian Independent reports on the runoff.

El Ahram analyzes why Amr Moussa polled fifth place.

It is going to be a rough road ahead for Egyptians, and the region. At least this election is exciting!



  1. I believe that we are in confusing situation i wont be able to vote for Morsy because i am against religion in politics and i wont be able to vote for Shafiq because our revolution will be useless.

  2. I strongly agree with Heba, religion and politics do not, under any circumstances, go hand in hand. One must a big percentage of the Muslim brotherhood was imprisoned under the regime of Mubarak. What can Egyptians expect from a president who is clearly not going to be unbiased to the Muslim brotherhood and their trauma.

  3. I've chosen to boycott the election but if am not I would choose Shafiq rather that Morse. I chose to boycott the election as I believe it was not that fair and I would prefer shafiq not Morse; although they are both a nightmare to me, for several reasons. Firstly, Morse is not only offending to the country but also offending to Islam. Secondly, it was proven in the history that religious state is more despotism than the military state ,as if any one oppose the religious regime would be a godless who should be killed. Finally, Egyptians are experts now in revolting against the military state and they will be able, hopefully, to deal with the new tyrannical regime.

  4. It's a great puzzle I do agree. But, I have two points pro Shafik and anti Morsi. If feloul take this presidency then the Revolution "is not" complete. But if islamist take this presidency then the Revolution "will never" complete. This is an article that provoked me

  5. Unfortunately we have to choose between two unqualified candidates; one of them is from the Muslim brotherhood's group and the other one is from the old regime. As a liberal and secular citizen, I hope everybody will vote for Shafiq as I believe he will support the idea of that Egypt is for everybody and religion is for God only.

  6. Hi there. (Suzy, Nouran, Mariam and Rozana) I agree that Religion and politics do not mix. Interesting to hear your different reactions. A lot of people boycotted, and a lot of people invalidated their ballots.

    Maybe Morsy will turn out to be a true revolutionary? Maybe shafiq will be a moderate? Who knows, very mysterious. It reminds me of the Turkish soap operas!