Monday, February 14, 2011


We had a very exciting campus forum yesterday. Over three quarters of the students and staff had spent some time protesting at the Tahrir Square. Many of them had been shot at and beaten. Not all were Egyptian either. Faculty and students from a variety of countries, including the US joined the protests. Everyone prefaced their comments with the saying "Mabruk!" which means congratulations in Arabic, but more specifically expresses joy at the New post-revolution Egypt. People are referring to the events as the Egyptian Revolution. The Egyptian Flag, funnily enough, is a symbol of the Revolution. Perhaps they will call it the Tahrir Revolution.


  1. i really would like to take a picture of my daughter beside the Egyptian army. My husband was thinking to bring sandwiches and have breakfast with the soldiers who are around Rehab. May be we can do this during week end. everyone from class is welcome to join.

  2. Sounds nice. I think we need to bring the soldiers a treat.

  3. During the 11 or 12 days of the revolution and especially at the beginning it was forbidden to take a picture with egyptian army. One of my friends got arrested due to this, but ironically now everyone is taking pictures with them! which shows the difference!