Monday, March 28, 2011

Homesick Musical Interlude: Santa Ana Winds

Dear readers

I am really homesick. This song is by someone I grew up with, Shije Lynn. It reminds me of growing up in New Mexico. Makes me feel at home. WMB


  1. David wrote: I also listened to the song by Shije Lynn, and then I posted the following comment: “Now I'm feeling homesick - Flagstaff, pinyons, Topanga Canyon, Pacific Ocean, and of course, the Santa Ana Winds."

  2. Hello Global Citizen Sisterfriend ;-) yes this made the song be my #1 most downloaded.
    xx oo S

  3. @Shije, Wow, that is awesome. It is a great song, I kind of am thinking of a Santana, Big Punisher kind of track. What do you think?