Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tahrir Square in March

Today I went to the AUC Campus at Tahrir Square. I went with my colleagues Dean Nabil Fahmy,  Dr. Ghada Barsoum, and Dr. Jennifer Bremer. The subject of the meeting was to discuss collaboration between AUC and the Harvard Kennedy School, of which Dr. Jennifer and I are both graduates. Yaawwn.....

Anywhoooo, the exciting part was being at Tahrir Square. The NDP building had been completely burned down, as had the tax building and a judiciary building. The square was VERY normal. Bustling with traffic and cars and pedestrians. It was hard to believe that the whole area had been covered with hundreds of thousands of protesters some weeks before.

The general consensus seems to be that some of the recent violence that has occurred on the square, and also between Christians and Muslims in Helwan may have been instigated by counter-revolutionary undercover security forces still loyal to the old regime.


  1. It does seem that some groups are behind the Christian/Muslim clashes...It could be "...forces still loyal to the old regime." and it could be out-of-Egypt forces that envy solidarity of Egyptians and do not want to see Egypt rest for whatever reasons.

  2. @Mustafa, I think you are brilliant. However, I do not believe for a minute that these are out of Egypt forces. Sounds like a conspiracy theory involving the CIA or the Moussad, ha ha!!!!